When I saw the movie poster for “The Innkeepers” I was horrified. Not because of the bizarre, grotesque imagery (which is expected for a horror film) but because of the bizarre use—or misuse—of the 60’s/70’s retro typography found in the film’s title. When reading the movie synopsis I expected to discover that the story takes place in ’72, or that the killer used vintage acoustic guitars to bludgeon his victims to death. But no. Just a regular ol’ horror movie…with horrific title type.


  • While the film itself is not set in a past era, I believe the poster references the director’s style and the way he harks back to the atmosphere and tone of 70s/80s horror flicks.

    Possibly a little disingenuous, but a poster that was more typical of modern horror would probably be at least equally as misleading.

  • Hehe! Reminds me of a book that sat on the back of the toilet when I was a child. Maybe that’s not so funny…

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